We are BDSafeFoods, an online-based organic food production, and supplier company. Currently, we have a massive production line for 100% authentic and organic mustard oil, chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, deshi ghee, and honey. As of now, we have 20+ individual and corporate clients and successfully delivering our very best products to them.


As a part of deal we pay farmers in advance for future crop purchase agreements before sowing the crop, provided that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides can be used on the product and that the crop must be grown in a completely organic way. In between passing all stages of refinement, we keep the products' packaging in a dust-free home environment with the perfect touch of experienced workers. Finally, in our own transport and deliverymen delivers the goods at your service to your doorstep.


Our initial target is to produced and delivered consumer products, and so our main as well as focused customers, are regular consumers who are in search of a source of reliable organic foods supplier and manufacturer. As of now, we are continuing our delivery on our own with a delivery man, and in some cases, we do deliver ourselves. However, we are planning to introduce a retail service or physical shop for easy shopping throughout Dhaka city. Courier will conduct outside Dhaka businesses for outside consumers. We feel it is our inner duty to serve and do something better for society through our service and organic products.


We may be small in statistics, but we believe in our products and our services. We are committed to ensuring 100% pure and adulterated food production and nutritional security for a better future. We do care about you and the whole Bangladeshi people.